Femi Pleasure Surf Festival 2016

On Sunday 7th August we hosted Girls Polshi Surfing Challenge 2016. In 4 heats 21 surfers competed for the title of best polish female surfer of 2016. Two best surfers from each heat qualifed to semi-finals. The finals ended with good results for all 4 girls:

1. Karolina Wolińska 6,25 pkt
2. Aga Piotrowska 5,35 pkt
3. Julia Pietrasik 5,05 pkt
4. Paulina Ziółkowska 5,00 pkt

Polish champion in women's surfing , not for the first time was Karolina Wolińska , congratulations !!! 
This year's girls championship had so far the highest level of surfing performance!!! Thank you and congratulations to all competing girls!!!