Femi Surf Trip & Van Life by Natasza

"After I bought van called Bob I decided to spend summer in Europe. But even tho I come to European coast since 5 years so I know that summer time is the worst time when it comes to finding good waves, I didn't expect it would be as bad as it is this year. I have been on the road since June and made it to southern Portugal. 

Now I'm enjoying last weeks of summer surfing super turbos. The waves are amazing! 28 th of September I am flying to Island for 2,5 week long cold, or freezing cold water surf trip. We will be driving around the whole island and searching for brakes. I am super exited and also happy that there may be cool footage out if it cause we have photographer with us. Keep your fingers crossed for me that I don't freeze my ass off. Love challenges like this :)

Here comes some van life pictures  kisses and hugs"


Surfing on the Baltic? Yes, that’s possible! Second edition of "FEMI PLEASURE SURF Festival" connected with the Polish Women Surfing Championships "FEMI PLEASURE ENGLISH GIRLS SURF CHAMPS" is a proof J The event taking place in mid-August of this year, gathered crowds of surfers and their families. On this day, everyone could attend free surf training. Anyone could try their hand at surf, SUP, skimboard, bodyboard and trickboard. In addition, there were lectures taught by the best Polish surfers and shows on the professional circuit for skimboard, where everyone could swim under the supervision of instructors. Sunbathers played frisbee, bulle and other fun beach games. Tucking into delicious ice cream, cookies and fruit salad. The music was taken care by most recognizable DJ around the Polish coast - DJ Boogie, supported by the announcer of the festival - CNE.

In addition to the idyllic family picnic atmosphere that accompanied the "FEMI PLEASURE SURF FESTIVAL" there were also great sport excitements thanks to Polish Women Surfing Championships "FEMI PLEASURE GIRLS SURF CHAMPS". 10 girls stood to compete in this challenging contest. Baltic waves were really demanding and very strong current forced girls to paddle. In eliminations there were three 4 people heats, in which Agnieszka Pietrasik turned out to be the best. However, In the finals, won her sister, twelve year old Jula Pietrasik, second was Agnieszka Piotrowska right before Asia Domańska, who was third. Decoration of three best players, was held immediately after the event, on the beach. Thanks to numerous sponsors awards were really spectacular. The proper conduct of competitive sport was supervised by experts and judges from the Polish Association of Surfing. After a day of great sport emotions, evening part of the festival began. In the summer cinema at the campsite Solar show with films about surfing was held. Screening of "El Sueño" was preceded by Polish premiere of the film "Strange Rumblings in Shangri-La". After the screening of films after party at the restaurant began at the main square of Camping Solar, which lasted until morning.