Join Nomads Bus with Femi

I'm Valerie. My love for riding is beyond words. In France, Canada or any other county. Every mountain that will take your breath away works for me. Snow is the same everywhere. In all the mountain ranges around the world you can find POW, snow consisting 99% out of air. Making you feel like you’re literally flying through the trees. Just you, no thoughts, only the ecstatic moment of snow covering your goggles, trees passing by, your body being in charge of every movement and losing all the need to control the situation. Following nature. Following the flow of the forest and creating your own line. Just you, and the white field of wonder.

This feeling, the descent we earn after hiking, split boarding or maybe even pow on the normal slopes if we’re lucky. It’s what we want every girl to experience at least once in life. The right setting that enables you to take snowboarding or skiing to a next level; a safe environment, the right gear, the right knowledge and fellow stoked riders. We want to give you the chance to look at the mountain in a different way. Finishing your day by the wood stove, with a glass of wine, delicious food and a comfy warm bed. 

We invite you to join our Nomads Bus, a hostel on wheels. A hostel that follows the best snow and at the same time offers all the amenities you could possibly wish for.

Click play, sit back, enjoy this video and hopefully get inspired by our summer. Just a little teaser of what this winter in our habitat, the mountains, can bring. 
The Nomads Bus - Ep 4 - Unexpected adventure from Let's be Nomads on Vimeo.

Together with Femiplease we organised two weeks in March for girls only. 

You can choose between the following weeks or just join for two weeks.

First week: 18th of March till the 25th of March
Second week: 25th of March till the 1st of April

Besides snow, this will be on our menu:

- 1 Week of accommodation in the coolest hostel on wheels!
- Food: breakfast & dinner
For 483,-

You'll also get some really cool extras! Like...

- Skis / snowboards demo use
- Avalanche gear
- Avalanche clinics
- Mountain guide
- Photos & video (become a part of the online eposides of Let's be Nomads)
- Goodies by our favo girls snow brand Femi Pleasure

* Not included:

- Lift Pass of the Ski/Snowboard area in Tirol (We usually do two or three different resorts in one week. Going where the snow is best.)
- Trip to and from Austria (You can fly, drive or go by bus to Innsbruck.)

Be fast, because we have only a few places on board on the coolest hostel on wheels:


For questions and more info mail to:

Photo credit: Chris Eyre-Walker

Girls like it girly! Girls Morning Out.

Dziewczyńskie Poranki [Girls Morning Out] is a local, sport and social, girls-only initiative.

We meet up regularly early in the morning, to catch up with our running and talk about … well, pretty much everything.

We believe that doing sports together is a perfect physical training, but also an amazing therapy for the soul. And that's how it all started - we took morning runs, gossiped and finished our training with a tasty breakfast. What have we done all that for? Better bodies, new friends – that’s about that!

We share our philosophy with others and we love it! Every once in a while we invite a larger group of girls to join us for our special events. We choose the sport, turn on our running app and run our cities. Oh, yes – and we talk. A lot!

Miraculously, we always manage to find partners who prepare little (or not so little) treats for our girls. Because girls like it girly, even if they don’t admit itJ

We take pride in being real – a group of actual, flesh-and-blood ladies who have mood swings, complexes, cellulite and tend to complain a little. But never give up and always fight till we drop. Sometimes, we fight with others, more often – with our own weaknesses.

Real Girls Team is all about teamwork and passion. We stay girly in everything we do.

This is what we are: 100% amateurs, 100% dedicated to whatever discipline we chose to practice. We fear nothing when it comes to sports.

We may not be perfect, but we are real!

Our last event took place on a sunny Saturday morning, October 2. 45 cheerful girls met up in a beautiful neighborhood and went on a nice run with Kasia Wolska, our own fitness goddess. The colorful (and slightly tired) crowd was then warmly welcomed with fit breakfast and coffee in a local coffee house. The girls got gifts from our partners – customized water bottles with Femi Pleasure, fitness bars from Local Cakes, and super healthy smoothies from LYFE. But that event was not only about the running and the gifts – we used the opportunity to talk about serious staff, too. October is a breast cancer awareness month, and since we all have tits and we care for each other, there is no other way than to repeat over and over again: Watch your boobs, ladies!

Looking forward to our next GirlsMorningOut event – it is coming soon!

Fot. Dominika Cuda

Femi Pleasure x PAJAK

We're happy to announce Femi Pleasure collaborated with PAJAK for collection Fall/Winter 16/17. The effect of the collab is CONDORI down jacket. It's filled with 100% polish goose down. +750 PLATINUM  - Only 2g of this down has more than 1l fill volume. PLATINUM 750 + down guarantees 750 cuin fill power rating, longevity and impressive insulating warmth.

CONDORI jacket will be available in 5 prints:

More info on PAJAK goose down: