GIRLS POLISH SURF CHAMPS Emotikon heart For the second time in a row Polish Surfing Champion is Julia Pietrasik. Agnieszka Piotrowska took second place, and Paula Różniecka was the third. It was such an honor to gather polish girls surfing community in one place for the day!!! It was challenging but most of all fun, fun fun Emotikon smile You girls prove that impossible is possible! GIRL POWER 
If you missed to be there with us, do not miss the best party of the year - SURF PICNIC 25 July 2015 !!!

Emotikon heart

Femi Pleasure Surf Festival

Aloha! This year we come back with an even stronger BANG!
Already on July 25  - next edition of FEMI PLEASURE SURF FESTIVAL and POLISH GIRLS SURF CHAMPS

The festival was divided into 2 events:
1) Femi Pleasure GIRLS POLISH SURF CHAMPS - every surfing girl can take part in them, and it's really worth it, because the prize pool this year is over 10000 zł! The competition will be held on Saturday 11th July.
2) Femi Pleasure SURF FESTIVAL will be held on July 25, a beach party and after party in the restaurant and in the main square campsite cottages IV - Solar. On that day, everyone will be able to take part in free surfing training. His forces will also be able to try on the boards: SUP, skimboard, bodyboard and trickboard. In addition, this day will be:
-lectures taught by the best Polish surfers
-freestyle show with best windsurfers
-show on the professional skimboardu track  with the best players and the opportunity to try skimboarding for anyone, under the guidance of instructors.
The guests will also be able to benefit from:
-toddler area for children with professional care
-catering area
-chillout area
-play frisbee, bulls, ball and other games
-take part in a joint exercise with Kasia Wolska "Dziewczyńskie Poranki" (only with prior registration)

Beach party will be led by CNE (Big Yo) and for the musical line up will be responsible Dj Boogie.
Daily activity is not everything. Athletes and arrived guests will be able to revel in the night shopping with unique promotions in the Femi Pleasure Store. About 21:00 in our summer cinema at camping IV - Solar, there will be screenings of the latest surf films. After the screening of films party will begin in the restaurant and in the main square of Solar camp, which will last until morning.

See you at Femi Pleasure SURF FESTIVAL 2015!

For the news and further information join facebook event:

If you want to compete in GIRLS POLISH SURF CHAMPS you need to download, fill and send us the following application form at :


Mani trends by Salon Wisła ♥

We present to you Nail Art stencil patterns inspired by summer Femi collection! You can see that among the new Femi proposals, strong neon lights have gone away - instead you can find earth colors, subdued classics, white, navy blue, beige, animal and plant patterns.
Do not be afraid of dark and deep colors - with tan they look very sexy!

Neon signs and strong colors stand for pool parties;)

Beach and sports - represented by subdued shades of pastel and neon lights on your nails!

Patterns - Nail Art - good for everyone! Find your favorite style, transparency, geometric, animal patterns - camouflage, zebra or snakeskin, floral patterns - also geometric or naturalistic - palm leaves, flowers. Boho begs for all types of Aztec styling! Also pay attention to the new trend
among patterns: graphics, design, and thus also Nail Art - a style inspired by the designers Memphis Group. These are colored triangles, circles, commas that you can remember from the old sports clothes from the 80s'. If you want to get to know this style note the mural artist Camille Walal,  London nail stylists - Boom Nails London and forerunners of the Nail Art Memphis Group.

 Zuza Wiślicka  

Surf trip with Mawa

There is something Femi girls like the most... GOOD SURF :) Our friend Mawa recently took a surf trip and she's shareing some great moments and tips with us 

My friend has just booked a surf trip to Sri Lanka. After a busy season of work, she claims to be very unfit and, in particular, very surf unfit. Having watched me prepare over the last 5 months for my trip, she reckons she'll follow in my foot steps.
Our trip consisted of two parts - the first was the Mentawai islands and the second was South Sumatra which we were expecting to be far more mellow. It was the first part that I had heard stories about and that scared me the most! The Mentawais are a chain of islands in the north west of Indonesia, about 170km off the coast of West Sumatra. The waves in the Mentawais often break on shallow reef and are notorious for punishing even the best of surfers. But at the same time they reward you with epic barrels and perfect big surf.
I had no intention of getting there unprepared. I wanted to make the most out of this trip - mainly just to come out alive. And if I could rip some waves along the way, that would be an added bonus!
We stayed on a very secluded island with only 4 chalets for guests. The island was everything you would expect from tropical paradise - it even had a pet monkey!

The monkey, Beaker, hitching a ride.

Our island...

All my preparation definitely set me in good stead. We had an incredible time surfing the Mentawais and in the end, it was the South Sumatran reef that proved more lethal!

My advice:
Get in the water as often as you can. Whether it's to surf small shitty waves, a crowded line up or swimming laps in the pool. Each and every one of those moments will provide you with the experience you'll need.
Don't get discouraged. A wave might wipe you up and drag your butt all the way back to the beach. Instead of feeling sorry for yourself, cough up any water you may have swallowed and head straight back out there. Even the pros get wiped out sometimes.
Smile while you do all of the above. Because it makes every moment better.

Press day | RAW DAY premiere

When it's middle of June you might think there is still A LOT of time until Fall comes. Well, in fashion world it's not. In fact is high time the press gets to know the collection. For that very reason we shared our Fall Winter 2015/2016 collection with fashion experts - the press. The event was deliciously accompanied by premiere of our first, super tasty, healthy food corner - RAW DAY.
For a little sneak peek, check out some photos :)