Indonesia Femi trip - backstage

PARADISE! Every girl finds her own paradise somewhere in the world, where she leaves a little piece of her heart. Be it mountain tops, wild beaches with white sand or some crazy city.
Femi team went all the way to Indonesian tropical islands to show paradise in Femi style   Soon, you will be able to see the results of this super special adventure - we made the most awesome video ever ;) Until then, a little sneak peek with backstage photos.

Spring Summer 2015 collection premiere

Surf, sun, coconuts - PARADISE - this is what new Spring Summer 2015 collection is about. No compromises in comfort, but lots of style! Jungle, palms and animals - new Femi prints are WILD. New collcetion is always new adventure for, and sharing it with others makes us all so happy. Therefore, collection premiere was super special, to see others happiness with Femi clothes is invaluable 
Specially for that day Zuzia Żmihrowska, our ultimate healthy food guide (and our model too!!:)) prepared  all raw vegan sweets. To eat something extra delicious and healthy at the same time is the dream of an girl;)

Here's few photos from that day.

Fitness line

Staying fit is the essence of our well-being. If not riding the slopes or catching waves we try to keep physical strength all year round - on yoga sessions, trekking, exercising. Being fit and eating well is part of Femi philosophy. This is why we just had to create Femi Pleasure fitness line. Spring Summer 2015 collection is all about patterns - jungle, palms and gepard  ♥ Which one is your choice? :) Pick one, go outside and get active. In comfort and style.

Femi Team Profile ♥ Jagoda Kolasińska

   How did you start your wakeboarding adventure?
Oh it's complicated.. In the beginning I didn't want to ride.. It was 4 years ago when I went to one of the first wake parks and I saw boys who were riding. I had no idea about this sport at all. I thought "OMG" this is crazy!" They were doing air tricks and riding on obstacles. I'm a perfectionist and I considered that I can't do this because every person, who see this, will be laughing at me. Of course my love to extreme sports is so huge that I couldn't resist and I tried. From that time I'm addicted to wakeboarding.

 ♥ Was it hard to start wakeboarding?

For me.. not at all. But I was learning very fast and I enjoyed it. Every new trick was bringing me a lot of happiness and motivation.

 ♥ Is wakeboarding popular in your country?
When I started wakeboarding was practically unknown in Poland but it is getting more and more polular. We have more cool riders who do crazy tricks and many more wake parks with good obstacles. This makes me happy and I'm glad that I can be part of this!

  What man- part of the wake community think about girls like you? Do you compete with each other?
It is widely believed that girls are weak but most of men support us and give good tips how to do the new tricks. Wakeboarding requires a lot of strength and technique and that's why there are differences between women and men. I have my own theory that maybe men are much stronger than women but it's women can stand more than men. For example at the end of the season there was many cold and raining days and the water was really cold usually women come and push it hard while men stayed in the warm jacuzzi. Girls watching the men have more motivation and I claim that the best way is cooperate and help each other, not compete.

 ♥ What would be your advice for the girls who want to start journey with wake?
If you want to try it so try it! Every girl can do it! It's very important to have a good teacher who will introduce you and will tell you everything you need to know. We have a lot of wake parks where you can go and start your journey with wakeboarding!

 ♥ If there would be no kiteboarding,what would you do?

Probably every kind of water sports especially surfing and kitesurfing.

 ♥ Sport is a great adventure, for sure. But also it is a really hard work. Have you ever regret that you chose that way of life?
No way! Definitely I love what I do and can't even imagine that I could do something else.

♥ What is your best memory from your sport adventure/trip?
I can't choose only one because all of them are amazing and all o them are simply best! It's always something new, something special!

 ♥ What are your luggage essentials?
Of course my equipment and others - iPod, sunglasses, sunscreen, beanie, boardshorts, hoodie, penknife, water, makeup kit.

 ♥ What do you do in your free time between your trips and trainings? Do you even have time for some social or family life?
Of course! I have a lot of friends around the world and no matter where I am I always have time for social life. If it comes about my family - rarely but when we find time, we spend quality time together. Family is very important for me!

 ♥ What do you love the most about Femi Pleasure stuff/brand?

Everything! Original ideas, comfortable to wear, good quality, not only for sport but also casual and most important from girls for girls with love!